Ronald Murphy Jr. graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Literature and Religious Studies and attended graduate school at Pitt and at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he studied history. He is a professional actor, having appeared in movies, on television, and on stage. He is also a researcher and historical reenactor for the Underground Railroad in Blairsville, PA. Ronald is considered an international expert on faerie lore, and has researched the unexplained from Maine to Florida as well as in the United Kingdom. He is a noted lecturer, and appears at various conferences throughout the year. Ronald is interested in infrasound and pheromones in relation to fortean research. He also studies cryptozoology as it relates to the Collective Unconscious and focuses on archetypes found throughout world cultures
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Tech World for the Technologically Illiterate

I love to write. I truly do. But I do so in a very simple way. I write my ideas on paper (paper is this flat material made traditionally from organic materials) using a pencil (an archaic writing instrument made, again, from wood, using a carbon-based tip to allow the transfer of ideas onto the previously mentioned paper. Pencils also have a correcting implement know as an eraser). Then, after I have my ideas, I take out my computer, turn it on, scream at it, then proceed to enter my handwritten ideas onto the screen.

OK, this is all I can do. I don't know how to change font sizes or colour or justification or add pictures. I simply write. Now, in this tech world, am I at a disadvantage in my endeavour to be a Fortean scientist? The answer is yes, of course. I don't have any of the cool gear all the cool cats are using on television. Instead of using sound collecting parabolic dishes, I instead use something called ears. And I use my nose to smell things and my old eyes to see things. Simple. And I use my brain to process information and tabulate that information. I know, I am low tech. But there is something about going into the wild without the benefit of technology. You begin to rely on human instinct, that last vestige of the animal in us. We have an extra sense out there among nature that is artificially suppress in civilisation. That is the sense of danger, the sense that keep us alive. It is still with us, buried deep within. But it is there. And relying on this sense is about as low tech as you can get.

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