Ronald Murphy Jr. graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with a degree in Literature and Religious Studies and attended graduate school at Pitt and at Indiana University of Pennsylvania where he studied history. He is a professional actor, having appeared in movies, on television, and on stage. He is also a researcher and historical reenactor for the Underground Railroad in Blairsville, PA. Ronald is considered an international expert on faerie lore, and has researched the unexplained from Maine to Florida as well as in the United Kingdom. He is a noted lecturer, and appears at various conferences throughout the year. Ronald is interested in infrasound and pheromones in relation to fortean research. He also studies cryptozoology as it relates to the Collective Unconscious and focuses on archetypes found throughout world cultures
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Wednesday, 29 March 2017

The Making of a Fortean

So, as I have said, this is a new beginning for me. At 48 years old, I do find it necessary to finally establish myself within this world of high strangeness.

I had belonged to several groups that tramped around the woods looking for bigfoot prints and creeped through abandoned buildings hoping a ghost would leave its voice on a tape recorder. However, evidence is rarely gathered and, in truth, these groups act as little more than social clubs. Hey, I am an educated researcher, employing the scientific method. I am not an armchair para-guy, who gets inspiration off cable television shows. No, I am an academic. So the Fortean approach is more my style.

And speaking of style, I need to look the part. As I am too lazy to shave, my manly red Viking beard has now been touched with grey, giving me a rather dignified air. But what else? I need to be the total package. I want to be the trademark people want to buy into. I am an author, after all! I need to make money. I refuse to wear safari clothing because I am not in Africa nor do I camp. But it seems mandatory to wear a hat, almost a prerequisite. So, on my birthday, my wife presented me with my very own hat. A beautiful fedora that harkens to Indiana Jones. Now, that I can live with. So, I have my hat. What about the clothes. Well, I have a leather jacket that is twenty years old, beaten and battered by life, sort of like its owner. I love this jacket so it is coming with me. I have always dressed conservatively, so a dress shirt is my style. But I am missing something. Then it came to me-- suspenders! Yes! It alludes to sophistication and a certain urbaness lacking in this world of paranormal and cryptozoological investigation.

So this is now my Fortean style. My new beginning now has a look all its own-- unique and totally me!

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